Ceremony Rituals


Hand-fasting Ceremony

Butterfly Release Ceremony_edited.jpg

Butterfly Release Ceremony

Unity Candle Ceremony

Unity Candle Ceremony.png

Unity Sand Ceremony

Unity Sand Ceremony.jpg

Rose Ceremony

Breaking the Glass Ceremony_edited.jpg

Breaking the Glass Ceremony

Love Letter in a Wine Box Ceremony

Love Letter in a Wine Box Ceremony.jpg

Unity Wine Ceremony

Unity Wine Ceremony.jpeg
Jumping the Broom Ceremony.jpg

Jumping the Broom Ceremony

Dove Release Ceremony.jpg

Dove Release Ceremony

Garden Stone Ceremony

Garden Stone Ceremony.jpg

Wishing Tree Ceremony

Wishing Tree Ceremony.jpg
Planting a Tree Ceremony.jpg
Ring Warming Ceremony.jpg
Unity Cocktail Ceremony.jpg

Planting a Tree Ceremony

Ring Warming Ceremony

Unity Cocktail Ceremony


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