Wishing Tree Ceremony.jpg

Wishing Tree Ceremony

The idea of a wishing tree seems to have originated in the Netherlands. In recent times it has become an addition to many wedding celebrations, hand-fasting and naming ceremonies in other countries around the world. You can choose a suitable tree in the garden, if your ceremony is being held outside, or if inside, then either a branch from a tree, a living tree in a pot or an artificial tree can be used

It is up to you whether to leave the tree in its natural state, or to decorate it with ribbons and fairy lights. Cardboard tags, decorated if you wish, can then be left by the tree, for your guests to write on and hang on the tree

What your guests write is obviously up to them , but the tree is mainly an opportunity for them to wish you well , to give you a piece of advice , to share a memory or to congratulate you ; not forgetting to put their name on the tag , so you will know who it is from. After the ceremony, you can add the tags to your Book of Memories or your Album of the Day, to be cherished over time.